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Calumet AC 2018

Langston/Quayle AC 2018

Foundry AC 2018

 Runner Girls - Wright City

Making a Video of your Project for New People New Places


Everyone who receives a grant from New People New Places agrees to submit a video of your progress/success.


What: Show a brief overview of the project and one story of a changed life.  We are especially looking for new, younger, and more diverse people who have decided to follow Jesus as his disciples. 


How: A good video tells a story. Choose someone with a great story to tell. You can use a video camera or a smartphone (hold the phone horizontally and as steady as possible for best results). Mix in some good pictures too.


How long: 2-5 minutes


When: You can submit your video any time, but no later than [date]


Format: [mov or mp4]


Who: submit to Tabitha Beckman, (the best way to submit larger videos is through Google Drive, Dropbox or Youtube link)

AC Report 2017

Toy Makers of Hugo

Cal's Service Station

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