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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of the grant?
    Our purpose is to reach new, younger, and more diverse people to become world-changing disciples of Jesus Christ.

  2. What are the criteria?
    Applicants must show specifically how they will help new people become disciples of Jesus Christ.

  3. Who can apply?
    Any church of any size or any conference ministry may apply. 

  4. Where do I find an application?
    Click on New or Renew Application HERE

  5. When are the applications received?
    Applications must be submitted through the Conference website no later than midnight, August 31. 

  6. What will the successful applicant show?
    The successful applicant needs to show specifically which new people are being reached, and specifically how these new people will then be grown into disciples of Jesus Christ. You will need to show significant buy-in from the church and careful financial accountablitiy. The project needs to be self-sustaining after any NPNP grants cease.

  7. How much should I apply for?
    Successful grants in the past have ranged from $2,320-$150,000, although there is no set limit on a request.

  8. Are certain kinds of requests off-limits?
    No request is off-limits. But every request must show the relationship of this project to making new disciples, and must show the specific steps between the initial project and the new disciples of Jesus Christ.

   9. Can I apply more than once?
      You can apply up to 3 times. It is important to show how the project is financially sustainable after a 3rd year.  

  10. Who else needs to endorse our project?
        It is important to show significant buy-in from your church and from your District Mission Strategy Team and your District Superintendent.


   11. How will I know whether we've been recommended?
         The NPNP Team will notify you in early December of your application status.

   12. When is the money granted?
         Some grant money will be available in spring of 2019 

   13. What kind of follow-up takes place?
         Every group will provide a timely financial audit to the conference. Between January and March you will be expected to submit a video              showing your progress so far. For help with videos visit VIDEOS.

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