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Previous Recipients - NPNP 2017 Grant Awards

Walking the Talk - Next Steps

St. Paul's UMC, Duncan                                 $46,800

Mentors of St. Paul's (attendance 41) have already heavily invested their own money, time and vehicles in discipling work with children in the nearby school. This grant honors their passion and commitment as they prepare to double their impact.

Serving & Discipling to the Least of These

Criminal Justice & Mercy Ministries             $15,899

CJAMM is expanding its model of intentional discipleship by recruiting and training a new group of leaders.

Community-Elgin Partnership

Community UMC, Lawton with Elgin UMC   $40,000

A new partnership between Elgin UMC and our new church start in Lawton creatively uses existing resources and multiplies them in successfully reaching a whole new generation of younger disciples.

The Foundry at Heritage

Heritage UMC, Broken Arrow                       $66,266

"The Foundry" is a powerful, new ministry and worship. By intentionally focusing its ministry outward while retaining a clear path of discipleship for new people, Heritage and "The Foundry" have created a new ministry that will soon be self-sustaining.

Collegial Connection Ministry

Quayle UMC, OKC                                           $24,000

Building on its intentional discipleship plan, Quayle UMC is building relationships in their community and are committed to creating new and younger leaders both in northeast Oklahoma City and also in the nearby community of Langston.

Worship on Hurd

Edmond FUMC                                               $66,266

Through its ministry called "Worship on Hurd," First United Methodist Church in Edmond is reaching many new people. In only a few months this ministry has brought 15 new professions of faith. Edmond FUMC has a specific plan of discipleship for new people.

OPSU Outreach

Victory Memorial UMC, Guymon                  $11,500

Victory Memorial UMC is partnering with our Wesley Foundation in nearby Goodwell to provide leadership and support for our ministry at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. We believe such partnerships are an important part of our future.

Military Family Outreach

Altus FUMC                                                     $11,600

Altus FUMC is providing a special discipling outreach, especially for military service-members and their families.

Oak Park Retreat Center

Lost Creek UMC                                              $43,000

Using their clear and intentional path of discipleship, Lost Creek UMC is investing deeply in the children in and around the community of Perkins, and is multiplying its effectiveness by partnering with many other community agencies and groups to renovate space that will become the Oak Park Retreat Center.

UCO Wesley Outreach

UCO Wesley                                                  $20,000

Under dedicated new leadership the Wesley Foundation at UCO in Edmond has a burgeoning ministry that continues to grow. With very specific benchmarks and a clear plan of discipleship, the additional four student interns will multiply their reach.

Compass Rose

St. James UMC, Tulsa                                  $6,000

Women at St. James describe "Compass Rose" ministry in this way,

"We are reaching out to women who are judged and marginalized by non-Christians and Christians alike. They are often not welcomed in churches. Our goal is to show them, through words and actions, that God loves them and there is a place for them and their families in the church."

Outstanding Wednesdays (Year 2)

Southern Hills UMC, OKC                            $16,800

Children aged 3-15 from nearby schools find a new church home through a Wednesday after school program that engages them and their families in year-round activities that center on art and community outreach.

Project DIRT (Year 2) 

Tahlequah FUMC                                         $13,000

Young adults in Tahlequah find a unique place of worship that is truly inclusive of all people. Participants are led on an intentional journey of Discipling, Impacting, Reconciling, and Transforming (DIRT) by way of a model of theological reflection and action.

McFarlin in Motion: Mobile Food Pantry (Year 2)

McFarlin Memorial UMC                             $53,536

Children and their families in underserved neighborhoods around high-needs elementary schools in Norman are introduced to a church that wants to reach toward them, building rapport and trust, and inviting them into the life of this vibrant church.

Leadership Development & Mobile Day Camps (Year 2)

OK Camps & Retreats, OKUMC                   $121,247

Many young people who have never had a chance to go to camp will be introduced to a life of faith when camp comes to their town through our new Mobile Day Camps. In every District, a host church and up to eight nearby towns will be invited to send their young people to a week-long day camp, where children from a variety of racial-ethnic backgrounds can experience some first steps in knowing and following Jesus.


Going Out, Inviting in (Year 3)

Stroud UMC                                                   $25,800

As Stroud (pop 2,710) continues its community initiative to have more people choose Stroud as their home, our United Methodist Church there continues to make new disciples and move these new people into leadership. This program will be self-sustaining after this year's grant.

Kings & Queens Ministry (Year 3)

St. Mark's UMC, Bethany                             $20,000

Children under the age 18 who have been diagnosed with a physical or cognitive/intellectual disability grow as disciples of Jesus Christ through the Kings & Queens Ministry at St. Mark's UMC in Bethany.

Spot 31 (Year 3)

St. Matthew's UMC, Tulsa                           $50,000

Dozens of at-risk children in this Tulsa neighborhood spontaneously began showing up after school at the church. Church leadership responded by offering a program where the young people can not only be safe, they are also invited to know and to follow Jesus as His disciples.


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